Texas Hunting Season: An Overview

From wild turkeys and deer to doves and javelinas, Texas is a spectacular game hunting destination with diverse, beautiful terrain. If you’re new to the state or just visiting, here are some things you should know before you plan your expedition.

Season Dates

Texas hunting season typically begins sometime in September, but seasons vary by species and county. For the whole scoop on when, what, and where you can hunt, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) website.

Hunter Education Certification

In Texas, every hunter born on or after September 2, 1971 needs to pass a Hunter Education Training Course. This applies to both residents and out of state hunters. You must carry proof of certification (or deferral) on you at all times while hunting.


The state of Texas requires anyone who hunts any animal, frog, bird, or turtle to hold a hunting license. This requirement applies to all ages. Veterans, active duty military, children under 17, seniors, and other groups may be eligible to purchase a license at a discounted price. Lifetime hunting licenses are also available for Texas residents. A hunting license is not required to hunt coyotes, feral hogs, and fur-bearing animals under certain circumstances.

Licenses can be purchased online or at a variety of retailer locations throughout the state. For more info, visit the TPWD site.

Top 10 Hunting Essentials

Whether you’re tracking whitetails through the Big Woods or stalking pheasant in the Panhandle, being equipped with the right hunting gear is vital. Here are ten items you won’t want to go without:

  1. Camo hunting pack for food and other basics
  2. Quality camo clothing worn in layers (tees, shirts, pants)
  3. Warm camo outerwear (coat/vest, gloves, hat)
  4. Sharp, lightweight pocket knife
  5. Game calls
  6. Rain gear
  7. Heavy-duty boots
  8. First aid kit
  9. Compass
  10. LED flashlight/head lamp

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